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All of Baba's Children

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978-0-920897-11-9 | 1992 March | 446 Pages


Myrna Kostash's controversial probing of the experiences of three generations of Ukrainians in Canada rapidly became a bestseller when it was first published in 1977. Boldly written, original, and intense, All of Baba's Children investigates the darker corners of Canadian identity, celebrates a people's “great adventure” and has become part of the literary heritage of the West. NeWest Press is proud to publish this new edition in the centennial anniversary of the Ukrainians' first arrival to Canada.

“For a work of non-fiction to become a classic means that it has made a significant contribution to a particular culture by creating a breakthrough in its consciousness and by heralding a new stage in its evolution. All of Baba's Children achieved this by its vibrant, radical, and revisionist perspective on multiculturalism. It turns its back on the old cliches; it dares to question and to criticize. For the contemporary generation of Canadians, it, more than any other book, has revealed the true nature of ethnicity, which has often been hidden under a veneer of assimilation. All of Baba's Children has become a manifesto that has yet to be surpassed.”
~ George Melnyk