• Big Rig: Comic Tales From A Long Haul Trucker

Big Rig: Comic Tales From A Long Haul Trucker

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978-1-896300-54-2 | 2001 September | 176 Pages


Well-known for his joke- and story-telling abilities, Don McTavish was employed in almost every aspect of the trucking industry for forty years. His laugh-out-loud tales will delight and entertain you.

Come along for a ride with big rig truckers as they ...

- experience life on the road as a rookie behind the big wheel.
- meet colourful dudes like Lonesome Len, The Pistol Packin' Partner, Zorror, Chrome Stack, Yabba Danna, and "Little" John.
- battle wild weather and treacherous terrain, face soft roads, bone-shatterin pot holes and unknown destinations.
- find themselves in goofy situations—from practical jokes gone awry to "Tiny" getting stuck in the back of his cab.
- heroically rescue wayward travellers, including two determined old ladies who refuse to leave their ancient Ford in a snow storm.