• Blood Relations And Other Plays

Blood Relations And Other Plays


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978-1-896300-64-1 | 1992 March | 352 Pages


This new edition of Blood Relations and Other Plays contains the award-winning “Blood Relations” along with “One Tiger to a Hill,” “Generations,” and “Whiskey Six Cadenza.” Sharon Pollock is one of Canada’s leading playwrights, having written more than thirty plays and published over a dozen. Her work is produced in Canada, The United States, and abroad. The plays in this collection are vibrant and meaningful, and the history implicit in Pollock’s work rings just as true for today’s audiences and readers as it did when the plays were first performed.

  • Winner of the Governor General's Award

“Did Lizzie or didn’t she? The question is posed at the beginning. It lingers, wraith-like, at the end. The play teases and ultimately haunts, shifting and shimmering like a kaleidoscope.”
~ University of Toronto Quarterly on “Blood Relations”

“Sharon Pollock has managed to become Canada’s pre-eminent playwright of conscience ..."
~ Books in Canada

“[This] collection demonstrates that in Sharon Pollock we have an accomplished and versatile playwright whose work seems destined to absorb audiences for many years to come.”
~ Canadian Literature