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Public Speaking And Other Plays

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978-1-927063-45-3 | 2014 March | 166 Pages


Award-winning actor/playwright Chris Craddock explodes the conventions of the theatrical monologue in this collection of three hilarious, poignant, feverishly inventive and (sometimes literally) electric solo stage pieces.

In Public Speaking, an amoral lifestyle guru finds his message of guilt-free self-interest tested when his sex-addicted daughter is kidnapped by a pair of dangerous thugs. In Porn Star, a mousy small-town librarian is titillated to learn that she has unwittingly become an internet sensation thanks to an X-rated viral video starring her and her ex-boyfriend (much to the horror of her mother, a family-values right-wing politician). And in the astonishing Moving Along, Craddock ricochets wildly through the story of his own life—through childhood traumas, adolescent tragedies, adult triumphs, and frequent philosophical tangents.

Interview with CKUA Artbeat
Movie trailer for It's Not My Fault and I Don't Care Anyway, based on the play Public Speaking

“Nothing short of brilliant!”
~ Calgary Herald (on Moving Along)

“Absolutely brilliant!”
~ Winnipeg Free Press (on Public Speaking)

~ Amanda Campbell, The Way I See It (on Public Speaking)

~ Liz Nicholls, Edmonton Journal (on Moving Along)

"Intermixed with laugh out loud humour, the theme of living for yourself endures at the heart of the publication." full review
~ Megan Hymanyk, The Gateway

"Public Speaking and Other Plays marks an important shift in Canadian theatre."
~ Pearl Chan, The Impressment Gang