• The Mighty Carlins And Other Plays

The Mighty Carlins And Other Plays

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978-1-988732-42-8 | 2018 October | 240 Pages


Award-winning playwright Collin Doyle has crafted three gripping plays that display a keen understanding of human relationships, both functional and dysfunctional.

In The Mighty Carlins, an irascible father reunites with his two sons – one a naïve idealist, the other a compulsive manipulative liar – to commemorate the anniversary of their mother’s death. In the dynamic Let the Light of Day Through, a couple in their thirties reimage their relationship and their future, in order to leave behind the memory of their dead teenage son. And in Routes, a lonely teenager rides the Mill Woods bus almost every night to escape the violence of his home life, only to find that violence cannot be avoided with the purchase of a bus ticket.