• The Arbutus/Madrone Files: Reading The Pacific Northwest

The Arbutus/Madrone Files: Reading The Pacific Northwest

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978-1-896300-43-6 | 2002 October | 256 Pages


A lively and perceptive new look at twentieth-century Pacific Northwest writing, The Arbutus/Madrone Files explores the dynamics of this cross-border region using resonant quotations, poetry, song lyrics and art to demonstrate and enhance author Laurie Ricou’s critical readings and ideas.

A long-time student of literary regions, Ricou moves in this book from a scholarly perspective toward more personal and lyrical reflections about what constitutes “home” and “region.” He explores the work of such Northwest authors as Emily Carr, H.L. Davis, David Guterson, Jack Hodgins, John Keeble, Ken Kesey, Joy Kogawa, Ursula LeGuin, John Okada, Kim Stafford, and David Wagoner, among others.

This unique, stylishly written book will appeal to Pacific Northwest book-lovers interested in exploring the region’s rich homegrown literature and art, and will be of great interest to scholars and students of regional literature, eco-criticism, and Pacific Northwest culture.

“… the book is a "record of continuing encounter," Ricou writes. Yes it is. Read it with pleasure. You'll join in.”
~ W.H. New, University of British Columbia

“A fresh and timely regional approach … There is no book quite like this … It is brilliantly written and very readable.”
~ Glen A. Love, University of Oregon