• Geographies of a Lover

Geographies of a Lover

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978-1-897126-78-3 | 2012 April | 64 Pages


Drawing inspiration from such diverse works as Pauline Réage’s The Story of O and Marian Engel’s Bear, poet Sarah de Leeuw uses the varied landscape of Canada—from the forests of North Vancouver through the Rocky Mountains, the prairies, and all the way to the Maritimes—to map the highs and lows of an explicit and raw sexual journey, from earliest infatuation to insatiable obsession and beyond.

• Winner of the 2013 Dorothy Livesay Award for Poetry at the BC Book Prizes!

“These poems will take you home. Take you to bed. Take you straight into the wet heart of the wound.”
~ Susan Musgrave, author of Origami Dove

“A boldly erotic long prose poem that binds landscapes and desire into the rhythms of a doomed love affair.”
~ Sharon Thesen, author of The Good Bacteria

Geographies of a Lover is a living map that charts a journey into the sad and fiery experience of illicit love. Its writing is rhythmic, intense, and passionate, a true eco-erotic text that fuses the lonely carnality of body with the vulnerable vastness of continental landscapes.”
~ Nancy Holmes, author of Mandorla

“de Leeuw's narrator gives herself to the throbbing joys within the shuttered room and the wild beauty of the natural world.”
~ Betsy Warland, author of Breathing the Page: Reading the Act of Writing

“[T]he language is brave and overt, almost overwhelming.”
~ Micheline Maylor, Alberta Views

“Lyrical, strong, liberating — Sarah de Leeuw’s Geographies of a Lover is brilliantly transgressive, written without apologies, without ideologies, without prudery, in a blunt, straight-forward, muscular style.”
~ Mark McCawley, Urban Graffiti

“The rhythmic pulse of her writing achieves the sensation that the reader will either be swallowed up in the details of an illicit affair or sunk down into the mess of the tar sands, all within the same poem.”
~ Taryn Hubbard, The Rusty Toque

“de Leeuw’s style addresses a void in the landscape of Canadian poetry—language that is confidently and startlingly sexual—and offers a fresh take on the allegory of human-relationship-as-geography.”
~ Emily McGiffin, ARC Poetry Magazine