• Smoked: A Detective Lane Mystery

Smoked: A Detective Lane Mystery


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978-1-897126-62-2 | 2010 April | 232 Pages


When Jennifer Towers, a young professional with a promising career in dentistry, is found dead in a graffiti-tagged dumpster, Detectives Lane and Harper must decipher the tag to find its artist—and the victim’s killer. In the fourth and darkest novel to date from mystery author Garry Ryan, a perplexing murder investigation leads to the distressing discovery of two abused girls whose father becomes a prime suspect in the case. But if Lane is to protect these two damaged sibling, he must also risk offending a powerful old boys' network whose members include his own superior officers.


“Garry Ryan is one of our finest novelists in any genre.... and Smoked might be the best introduction to the Detective Lane series for first-timers.” full review
~ Reviewing the Evidence

“Detectives Lane and Harper are solid Canadian originals, more likely to talk down a suspect than shoot.... This is the most complex novel thus far by Ryan, and his best.”
~ Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

“Everything about Smoked has an authentic ring, without a hint of propaganda.... The book makes a good introduction to the series [and] for old friends of Lane, the further developments within the family will continue to delight. This series has become one of my favourites.”
~ Drewey Wayne Gunn, Lambda Literary