• The Aberhart Summer

The Aberhart Summer

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978-1-896300-25-2 | 2000 September | 224 Pages


Edmonton, 1935. It is a hot, dusty summer and, according to William Aberhart, “The eyes of the world are on Alberta.” It is through the recollections of Doug Sayers, a veteran of the Depression and World War II, that we re-enter an Alberta on the brink of change—change amidst political ferment and personal tragedy. While Doug and his best friend Babe are going to movies and discovering women, William Aberhart and the Social Credit party are promising twenty-five dollars a month for everyone in Alberta.

Throughout the novel, Doug Sayers recalls his teenage years and the time of crisis surrounding the mysterious death of his best friend. Bruce Allen Powe meshes fact with fiction in this tale of politics and passion.

“The writing of Bruce Allen Powe is like the Great Depression itself: spare, lean and covered with a textured grit that owe much to the winds of imagination.”
~ The Toronto Star

“By showing a community of Canadians at their best and worst, Powe has not only written a fine entertainment but he has revealed some of the complex subterranean forces that shape a common destiny.”
~ Maclean’s Magazine