• The Almost Meeting and Other Stories

The Almost Meeting and Other Stories

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978-1-896300-90-0 | 2004 September | 160 Pages


This collection of Henry Kreisel’s finely crafted short fiction, written between 1954 and 1980, explores cultural identity and relationships between people of a different age, gender, and nationality. Kreisel was a master at creating suspenseful stories that are intelligent, literary reflections on what it is to be a citizen of Canada and of the world.

“These stories attest to Kreisel’s belief in the basic goodness of humankind. The characters in his stories are people for whom life has meaning, even though it is enigmatic and often beyond their control.... Henry Kreisel’s The Almost Meeting is a superb achievement of story writing. He is a Canadian Anton Chekhov.”
~ Vancouver Sun

“Kreisel’s stories ... are likely to impress immediately, but they go on to expand and develop within the mind. We realize that they contain depths and resonances that do not reveal themselves at once.... There is no one quite like Kreisel in Canadian fiction.”
~ The Dalhousie Review

“The swiftness and sureness with which Kreisel’s stories engage us mark him as a storyteller of considerable power.”
~ Quill & Quire