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9781774391020 | 2024 October | 276 Pages


“Hammerhead” Jed is back! And this time, he’s gone a little bit country…

After a lumberjack games competitor is found floating face down in a pool with an axe buried in the back of his head, former pro wrestler-turned-P.I. “Hammerhead” Jed Ounstead is on the case. Investigating the Colossal Cloverdale Rodeo and County Fair with his ne’er do well cousin Declan, Jed finds that he will need all of his skills to find out what happened to a man they’d just spent the previous night drinking with. Along the way, these two city boys will need to reckon with the raucous world of the rodeo, dodging homicidal clowns, betting on cow pie bingo, riding bucking broncos and more in their attempt to solve the case over the course of one crazy day.

Bronco Buster is the ferociously funny fast-paced fourth installment in A.J. Devlin’s award-winning mystery series.

    “Action-packed, with all the colour and gritty din of a small-time rodeo alive on every page, a sadder, wiser but incurably romantic “Hammerhead” can’t resist the lure of a lurid death, drawing him back to his beloved detective work.  Don’t even try to resist the whirlwind ride of clues, eccentric characters, and that Devlinesque twisty ending!”
    — Iona Whishaw, best-selling award-winning author of the Lane Winslow mystery series

    “With Bronco Buster, A.J. Devlin proves he’s the undisputed champion of hilarious and heartfelt mysteries. A riotous and adrenaline-packed romp full of rodeo clowns, lumberjacks, and murderers, the fourth book in Devlin’s award-winning “Hammerhead” Jed series had me howling with laughter from the first line and crying by the last.”
     — S.M. Freedman, author of Blood Atonement (Globe and Mail's Top 100 Best Books of 2022, Crime Writers of Canada's Awards of Excellence Finalist)

    “If you read only one mystery featuring a banana milkshake-guzzling pro wrestler-turned-P.I. this year, make it Bronco Buster. Nobody combines slapstick comedy and hard-boiled crime like A.J. Devlin. And if you want more—you will, after this riotous fourth entry in the hilarious “Hammerhead” Jed series—go back and read the rest. And then read this one again." 
    — Andrew Shaffer, New York Times bestselling author of Feel the Bern: A Bernie Sanders Mystery

    Bronco Buster is a wild, outrageous and edgy comedy mystery—I absolutely loved it! At the start of his fourth adventure, “Hammerhead” Jed has given up PI work and returned to wrestling in lesser venues like the Colossal Cloverdale Rodeo. In the pub one night, he bonds with a champion lumberjack over their lost loves. When the champ is found floating face down with an axe in his head, Jed decides to bring the murderer to justice by the end of the day. He must contend with rodeo clowns, maddened bulls, desperate hatchet throwers, a Doukhobor cult leader and a cowgirl who lassoes like Wonder Woman. His fiery Irish cousin, Declan, who can’t stop drinking beer, breaking the law and pleasing octogenarian ladies, helps and hinders Jed’s quest. Sykes, Jed’s bookmaker friend, returns with his racing dachshund and pet yoga goat. His latest money-making enterprise is funny beyond imagination—in fact, readers could never imagine it. No spoilers! Studded with witticisms, crackling dialogue and riotous action, this is Hammerhead’s best adventure yet. A must-read!” 
    — M.H. Callway, award nominated author of Snake Oil and Other Tales

    Bronco Buster is “Hammerhead” Jed's most uproarious case yet—and given A.J. Devlin's flair for offbeat characters, hilarious dialogue and no-holds-barred action that's saying a lot! Jed's adventures were raucous enough with the quirky world of wrestling as a backdrop. Throw in a twist-filled day at the rodeo, and you're saddling up for the wildest ride of the year!” 
    — Steve Hockensmith, New York Times bestselling author of Holmes on the Range and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies