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978-1-897126-20-2 | 2008 April | 224 Pages


Dragan was a Yugoslav peasant who flirted with the ideals of Communism and aspired to become a teacher. Instead, he became a slave in a German labour camp. Galina was an only child growing up in the harsh reality of Stalinist Russia. She survived the siege of Leningrad only to be exiled and enslaved in her turn.

Chance is the true story of two ordinary people who lived in extraordinary times. Displaced by war and the vagaries of politics, Dragan and Galina met and married in the chaos that followed the conflict. For them, survival was not a question of heroes and victims but simply a matter of chance.

“Metikosh provides an important personal context for the events of World War II. Readers will be swept into Dragan and Galina's daily struggle to survive and finish with a very different perspective on the importance of Remembrance Day.”
~ Deborah Morrison, publisher of The Beaver and Kayak: Canada's History Magazine for Kids