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978-1-926455-56-3 | 2016 April | 168 Pages


Taking its inspiration from director Werner Herzog’s concept of “ecstatic truth” and recalling D.W. Griffith’s silent film classic Intolerance, poet/historian Walter Hildebrandt’s ambitious new book of poems is a searing denunciation of the exploitation of the poor and powerless at the hands of the wealthy. In forceful, unadorned language, Hildebrandt draws a clear line from historical outrages such as the Dakota Wars of the nineteenth century and the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike to injustices in present-day England, Cuba, and Canada. Documentaries urges readers to confront stories that are hiding in plain sight, but which are in danger of being lost when their truth goes unspoken.

“Hildebrandt’s docu-poems are a breath of fresh air, the products of a tough-minded, boots-on-the-ground engagement with history.”
~ Charles Noble, author of The Kindness Colder Than the Elements and Sally O

“From tales out of the heart of London to the story of Edmonton’s Papaschase, Documentaries is a Grand Tour in poetic form, pursuing and recounting the narrative of displacement around the globe.”
~ Jenna Butler, author of A Profession of Hope and Seldom Seen Road

Ultimately Documentaries offers hope and the assurance that the human spirit shall overcome.”
~ Dale Lakevold, Labour/Le Travail