• Earth Alive: Essays On Ecology

Earth Alive: Essays On Ecology

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978-1-897126-03-5 | 2006 April | 286 Pages


Earth Alive is a collection of thought-provoking essays, short pieces, and reviews that explore and uncover the intimate connections between humans and the Earth. Through a strong mix of proof and irony, respected ecologist Stan Rowe re-examines the concept of living with—not against—the Earth. In Earth Alive, Rowe prompts us to think in revolutionary terms about developing a new world-view, and living more responsibly on our increasingly damaged planet.

This innovative collection gives hope for restoring diversity on Earth—which Rowe points to as the only true path to sustainability. Let Earth Alive guide you toward the beauty of the planet we call home, and through the eyes of the author see its infinite source for inspiration.

From the author of Home Place: Essays on Ecology, Earth Alive celebrates the life and work of Stan Rowe—with a preface by Don Kerr and an afterword by Ted Mosquin.

• David Orton reflects on Stan Rowe's Home Place   and Earth Alive

“In Earth Alive, field ecologist and philosopher Stan Rowe answers the ancient question of how humanity can live well within the Earth. In lucid prose, the Earth is comprehensively celebrated as the metaphor for Life. Rather than in-turned concerns about self and society, a new vision of ecology with outward-looking attitudes and establishing bonds with Earth’s ecosystems is required to reverse the degradation of Nature. Rowe reveals in Earth Alive a new vision of ecology in which humankind is a cooperative partner with Earth, rather than its ruler. Earth Alive will change your life and enthusiastically reconnect you with your home place.”
~ Burton V. Barnes, Professor of Forest Ecology, University of Michigan

“Stan Rowe was a rare character: conscientious objector to wars between humans and against the earth, a scientist and seeker of ecological wisdom. By turns playful, cantankerous, and passionate, but always eloquent, these essays drawn from a life lived in nature can inspire a new vision of our place in the world.”
~ Stephen Bocking, Associate Professor, Environmental & Resource Studies Program, Trent University

“Stan Rowe ... was a teacher, philosopher, and ecologist, and touched many Canadians ... His writing is elegant, strengthening our understanding of the relationship of humans to nature. The essays teach but do not preach. Yet, there is a central message—the earth, our life support, is finite. We cannot circumvent this reality regardless of new technologies. If we ignore this message, we will perish.”
~ Nikita Lopoukhine, Chair, IUCN Commission on World Protected Areas

“The conceptual revolution necessary if humanity is to pull out of the nose dive we are in requires the subtle and not-so-subtle insights derived from essays in this book.”
~ Wes Jackson, President, The Land Institute