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978-1-897126-24-0 | 2008 April | 208 Pages


Gerbil, age zero, has a question: where do parents come from? Specifically, she wants to know about her mother. Who is this vessel in which she resides, and why does it seem like her mother isn't up for the task of parenthood?

Gerbil Mother raises questions about the condition, execution, and absurdities of motherhood. It offers a new look at the family dynamic through the eyes of the unborn, a baby on the brink of being thrust into a life she would rather witness from the outside—or from inside her mother's womb.

“... the writing is pretty much bang-on. The love/contempt that Maeve (Gerbil's mother) has for her overbearing and difficult son Nick are the kinds of acute emotions that only a parent – especially a mother – could understand.”
~ Quill and Quire

“... Gerbil's voice and point of view are refreshing. ... Many of the remarks are dazzlingly astute. ... Gerbil Mother is an intriguing book and an accomplished work of fiction that is worth the read.”
~ Legacy Magazine

“Meet Gerbil: prodigious and foetal, she’s a self-appointed sage, an inter-uterine satirist, wickedly commenting on her world-to-be. As Gerbil tall-tales her bond to her mother as one of sarcastic pearl inside disillusioned oyster, D.M. Bryan nestles Gerbil’s distinctive voice inside a tale that will entice and entertain, lure and beguile!”
~ Nicole Markotić, author of Yellow Pages