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Home Place: Essays On Ecology

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978-1-896300-53-5 | 2002 September | 256 Pages


Rejecting Francis Bacon's notion that the purpose of science is to control Nature, Stan Rowe presents a collection of essays advocating companioning with Nature. First released in 1990, the essays in Home Place range from the personal—the search for a childhood vision of pristine grassland, the boy who goes from hunting to respecting wildlife and the living space around him—to theory on land use, environmental law, agriculture, education, and technology as it affects the relationships between humanity and the Ecosphere.

Organized into seven sections, the essays centre on the idea of the Earth as "Home Place." Each issue raised, be it from a perspective that is personal or scientific, artfully circles back to the idea that humans are not the sole expression of importance on Planet Earth. They are dependent parts of the Ecosphere from which they evolved and by which they are sustained. This new edition has been updated and includes a foreword by American writer and practitioner of organic agriculture Wes Jackson of the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas.