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978-1-897126-33-2 | 2008 September | 124 Pages


Combining personal experience with concrete fact, A.K. Hellum’s Listening to Trees tells the story of a man’s lifelong journey to salvage the world’s declining forests. In this enlightening account of Hellum’s half-century career as a forester, we become privy to our environment’s fragile state-of-being through stories of forests that have been stripped of their resources and improperly regenerated over the span of lifetimes.

As Hellum guides us on his journeys through the forests of Thailand, China, Guyana, and the Philippines, we emerge with a new understanding of how the smallest elements of the planet’s ecosystems can have a significant and devastating impact on the environment at large. While reinforcing the life’s work of renowned Canadian ecologist Stan Rowe, Listening to Trees serves as a staunch reminder of the fragility of modern forests while providing a glimpse into the soul of an environmentalist pleading for his beloved timberland.

“This is a very worthwhile book. Dr. Hellum's final argument is compelling. If we don't listen to trees, he asks, how will we be able to see them as our partners in making a better world?”
~ Alberta Views

“The real characters in the book are the trees, and Hellum's ability to get them to tell their stories involves a... humble and patient form of listening.... His commitment to listening to them carefully offers us a view of the forest that speaks also to the future.”
~ Catriona Mortimer-Sandilands, Canadian Literature