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978-1-988732-09-1 | 2017 October | 198 Pages


His psyche still reeling from having to kill a criminal in the line of duty, Calgary’s Detective Lane flies to Cuba to celebrate the wedding of his beloved niece. While there, though, he finds himself drafted by the local police into investigating the murder of a Canadian tourist.

Upon his return to Calgary, links between this incident and the deaths of local elderly pensioners start to make themselves known, drawing Lane and his partner Nigel Li further into a web of conspiracy, politics and big money.

Garry Ryan’s award-winning, best-selling mystery series continues with all the intrigue, good humour and mochaccinos that fans have come to expect.

“Strong characters and far-flung settings propel Matanzas, the ninth novel in Garry Ryan’s groundbreaking Inspector Lane series. Ryan takes Lane and his cast of well-drawn supporting characters from Cuba to Calgary, in a breakneck chase to stop a malicious and truly memorable villain. Matanzas is Ryan’s best to date!”
~ Sam Wiebe, author of Last of the Independents and Invisible Dead

“A riveting conspiracy! Ryan writes with elegance and intelligence about genuine characters struggling with complex relationships and emotions. Matanzas is a powerful story of greed and the damage it causes, leavened with affection and humour that will keep readers captivated from Cuba to Canada.”
~ Kristina Stanley, bestselling author of The Stone Mountain Mysteries

“The writing, particularly Lane’s inner narrative, sparkles.”
~ Publishers Weekly

“[a] deftly crafted novel that showcases author Garry Ryan's genuine flair for, and total mastery of, the mystery/suspense genre”
~ Wisconsin Bookwatch