• Metastasis and Other Plays

Metastasis and Other Plays

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978-1-897126-40-0 | 2009 April | 208 Pages


  • Winner, City of Calgary W.O. Mitchell Book Prize for Metastasis and Other Plays
  • Winner, Jim Burt Screenwriting Prize for "Drumheller or Dangerous Times"
  • Winner, BBC International Radio Drama Prize for "Seeing in the Dark"
  • Winner, Alberta Playwriting Competition for "Metastasis"
  • Shortlisted, Alberta Literary Awards, Gwen Pharis Ringwood Award for Drama for "Seeing in the Dark"

Delve into darkness with Metastasis and Other Plays, a new collection of Gordon Pengilly’s award-winning dramas that highlight the core of human tragedy, paranoia, and violence. With a mix of dark humour and palpable desperation, Pengilly creates striking characters who, while essentially good, are unable to cope with their circumstances and commit reckless acts as a result. True to the tendency of human nature, these characters attempt to redeem themselves—but often discover it’s too late.