• Murder In The Monashees

Murder In The Monashees

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978-1-896300-89-4 | 2005 April | 288 Pages


RCMP Corporal Paul Blakemore is jolted from his mundane policing duties in the small Monashee Mountain village of Bear Creek by the discovery of a frozen corpse on a snowy slope just outside of town. There are no signs indicating how the body got there—no footprints or drag marks—nothing. It appears as though the victim has fallen from the heavens. Eager to investigate this eerie murder, Blakemore begins a thorough investigation, starting with the hunter who found the body. But the discovery that the victim was an important international figure results in Vancouver Homicide Inspector Mark Coswell coming in to take over the case. The power struggle between the two investigators, the involvement of the town coroner, and the snooping of a feisty female reporter, make for an electrifying tale of murder, madness, and mistakes.

Roy Innes vividly evokes the colourful characters of Bear Creek and the killer that lurks among them in their once safe, rustic community. A page-turner from beginning to finally crafted end, Murder in the Monashees is one of life’s great pleasures, a good bedside read.