• NextFest Anthology II: Plays From The Syncrude Next Generation

NextFest Anthology II: Plays From The Syncrude Next Generation

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978-1-897126-04-2 | 2006 April | 224 Pages


Nextfest Anthology II celebrates ten years of the Syncrude Next Generation Arts Festival in Edmonton. The Festival is a showcase for emerging professional artists in theatre, film, music, dance, and visual art. This collection exhibits five captivating plays chosen from the past five years of the festival. Timely, provocative, witty, uncanny, and illuminating, these plays highlight innovative talents that will leave you breathless.

Join a group of marionettes as they explore a strange new world; delve into the humorous and ironic personal tale of a young Métis actor and comedian; submerge yourself in a bizarre honeymoon in Spain; enter the world of reality tv and feel yourself losing control; experience a cyber-obsessed life on Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue.

The diverse plays found in Nextfest Anthology II challenge the reader to go beyond Nextfest, beyond the stage, into the world of imagination unbound.

This anthology contains:

"Beneath the Deep Blue Sky" by Rob Bartel

"Citrus" by Janis Craft

"Code Word: Time" by Leah Simone Bowen

"Grumplestock’s" by Kevin Jesuino, Trish Lorenz, and Jonathan Stewart

"Métis Mutt" by Sheldon Elter, with Kenneth Brown

Also in the same series, NextFest Anthologyedited by Glenda Sterling.