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978-1-988732-36-7 | 2018 September | 104 Pages


Emilia Danielewska's debut book of prose-poetry reveals the dead. Divided into four parts, Paper Caskets proposes a poetics of the box — as coffin, as prose parameters of the page, as photograph, and as state of mind and body in the face of death. From the act of photographing the dead, to mourning the dead, and to preparing for death that is coming, here is work startling in its clarity, which exposes, as a photograph does, the complicated relationship humans have with mortality.

Paper Caskets looks beyond grief to see the dead as dynamic places where memory and body collide, where flesh rots and fluid seeps and we de/compose prose-poetry.

”In Paper Caskets, 'still-life' photography bears witness to all that gets left out, textual gaps unbury 'departed' words on the page, and a grief-stricken father contemplates his daughter as gemstone. In these sweet laments of grief, Emilia Danielewska unboxes praline cookie tins, insect suicides, and titanium bones, as each marvellous story-poem brings to life the intimate joy of memento mori.“
— Nicole Markotić, author of Rough Patch and Whelmed