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978-1-926455-63-1 | 2016 September | 240 Pages


 Winner of the Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize!
 Shortlisted for the 2017 Alberta Readers' Choice Award!
 Finalist for the Georges Bugnet Award for Fiction at the 2017 Alberta Literary Awards!
 Shortlisted for Trade Fiction Book of the Year at the 2017 Alberta Book Publishing Awards!

Lauralyn Chow's debut, Paper Teeth, follows the lives of the Lees, a Canadian-Chinese family and their friends who reside in Edmonton, Alberta. While playing with time and place, from Edmonton in the 1960s and 70s up to present-day Calgary, Lauralyn Chow creates a world of walking dolls, family car trips, fashion and frosty makeup, home renovations inspired by pop culture, and moving up to big, new houses. The interconnected stories found in Paper Teeth are fun, funny, and heart-warming journeys about the pursuit of identity and the crafting of home.

With domestic tomfoolery and through deft observation and prismatic-voiced humour—including ironic asides—Lauralyn Chow reveals how family nourishes hope.

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Paper Teeth is an amazing swirl through imagination’s complicity with memory, both palpable and disappearing. The stories, some of them mini-novellas, are striking in how Lauralyn Chow improvises and juxtaposes the threads of quotidian particularities sewn into the folds of growing up. This is a hungry book and the hunger comes from deep need: love.”
~ Fred Wah, author of Diamond Grill and Waiting for Saskatchewan

“Lauralyn Chow’s Paper Teeth is much more than a tasty dish of stories: it is a feast for the senses, a carnival of delicious detail. The stories here clench at memory’s slippery taste, the intense dynamics of a family balanced on the hyphen between expectation and hope, laughter and pride and forgiveness. These unforgettable characters will utterly entrance readers with their cat’s cradle of connection and adaptation, solitude and belonging.”
~ Aritha van Herk, author of Restlessness

"The Lees feel like a real family, because the way the story is told is probably the way the story of your own family is told: in memory and anecdote, in stories shouted across a big table laden with many dishes, and in whispered asides from the person sitting next to you. Whether you sample one or take in all ten courses, Paper Teeth is sure to satisfy."
~ Laura Frey, Vue Weekly

"[The stories] are a part of a whole, a narrative that is more than the sum of its parts in many ways." full review
~ Keith Cadieux, The Winnipeg Review

"With unique humour and style, Paper Teeth introduces us to a fresh voice in Canadian short fiction."
~ Alissa McArthur, Room

"Sweet tempered and humorous, these are stories of home and hearth." full review
~ Sarah Murdoch, The Toronto Star

"The book is a lively jumble, much like the city it is based on." full review
~ Stephanie L. Lu, Canadian Literature

"I really liked this book." full review
~ The Indextrious Reader