• Rescue at Fort Edmonton

Rescue at Fort Edmonton


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978-1-77439-041-2 | 2021 September | 194 Pages


Janey doesn't want to spend the summer away from her friends in Toronto—and certainly not in Edmonton with the grandmother she hardly knows. But her parents will be away—her mother in Turkey designing housing for earthquake victims, her dad on business trips. Her first surprise is her feisty grandma, who meets her at the airport in her vintage Cadillac, Marilyn. The second comes when she visits the Fort Edmonton historic park and time travels to 1907. The third is learning the real reason she's in Edmonton. Her grandma is going through cancer treatment and needs someone to be with her.

Janey makes four trips, each to a different period of Fort Edmonton's history. What draws her into the past? Only on the last trip does she discover the meaning of her adventures—and their crucial connection to her own family. Rita Feutl's first novel features a deftly handled plot and a wealth of fascinating characters from prairie history.

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“The work of Edmonton freelance journalist Rita Feutl, Rescue at Fort Edmonton is part mystery, part thriller, part historical adventure—and a completely engaging read.” 
~ Edmonton Journal

“Though Janey causes a couple of catastrophes, she wants to be good, and she cares about the people she meets. This makes her appealing and makes the reader want to find out what all this time travel will mean to her. Recommended.”
~ Denise Moore, CM Magazine

“Differently from most time-slip novels in which the protagonists cannot influence their trips to the past but are drawn into them, Janey is pulled into history passively only the first time....Although the reader learns a lot of details about everyday life in the past and different stages of the town of Edmonton, it is Janey's development as a person that is the centre of interest.”
~ Miriam Richter, Canadian Literature