• Restless White Fields

Restless White Fields


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978-1-879126-79-0 | 2012 April | 96 Pages


• Winner of the Robert Kroetsch Poetry Book Award at the 2013 Alberta Book Publishing Awards!
• Winner of the Saskatchewan Arts Board Poetry Award at the 2013 Saskatchewan Book Awards!

such a bullet of fears love’s anaesthetist cried
by her ear as she slept all hope lost
the one clear way to raise the dead
may be to absolve the living


How do you rebuild a life? In this unsentimental collection of poems, Barbara Langhorst revisits a violent personal tragedy through startling imagery that rends even as it heals. Restless White Fields is unique, unexpected, and impossible to ignore.

Restless White Fields moves from the risk-it-all of the personal to a plenitude of wisdom. Barbara Langhorst takes us on a journey, first into darkness and silence, then back to the reassurances of language itself, or love itself. She makes poetry new.”
~ Robert Kroetsch

“[t]his is an exquisitely, daringly written book, full of love and humanity, one that I have no doubt will soon enough find its place in the Canadian canon of poetry.”
~ Shawna Lemay, Calm Things

“Langhorst's poems are an enviable expression and exploration of structure and highly mature rhythms, and a book that would be difficult to not see on award shortlists.”
~ Rob McLennan

”Langhorst's eyes are adjusted to see all the shades of white, and her restless white fields are a balm to any who have learned to live with the presence of the dead.”
~ Shawna Lemay, The Edmonton Journal

“[w]hat impresses most about Restless White Fields is Langhorst's intricate skein of grief's ‘entanglements,’ and her struggle to make ‘contemplation a countermeasure to violence’.”
~ Barbara Carey, Toronto Star

“[a] powerful and fascinating text.”
~ Kevin McNeilly, Canadian Literature