• Strange Days: Amazing Stories From Canada's Wildest Decade

Strange Days: Amazing Stories From Canada's Wildest Decade


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978-1-897126-82-0 | 2011 April | 280 Pages


A humble doctor performs medical miracles for a dollar apiece in a tiny farm outside Ottawa. A teenager from Cincinnati passes himself off to Toronto newspapers as a "wilderness boy" making his first trip into civilization on a mission of revenge. A clause in an eccentric millionaire's will triggers a national "baby derby," and a war hero becomes a religious cult leader and turns his British Columbia enclave into a hotbed of sadomasochistic orgies.

The 1920s were a time of frivolous fads, shocking crimes, and political and social changes that yanked the country out of the 19th century and into the modern age. In Strange Days, Ted Ferguson revisits dozens of stories that could only have happened in the ’20s—tales of serial killers, athletes, con men, crackpots, bathing beauties, and more—all of them nearly too amazing to believe and too entertaining to be forgotten.

"Ted Ferguson (no relation, but I'm a big fan of his writing) has followed up his heartfelt and humourous Back Roads with a fascinating, timely, and terrifically entertaining new work. Strange Days is that literary rarity—a book that, once begun, you will not want to put down."
~ Ian Ferguson, author of Village of the Small Houses

"In Strange Days, Ted Ferguson has assembled an amazing cast of Canadian rogues, leaders, visionaries, tough guys, trendsetters, and barrier-breakers. And the best part is, their stories are all true. Ferguson sets fire to the myth that Canadians are boring. His whirlwind tour of Canada in the Roaring Twenties will leave you breathless and shaking your head in amazement."
~ Terry Fallis, author of the CBC Canada Reads winner, The Best Laid Plans