• The Aberhart Summer - A Play

The Aberhart Summer - A Play

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978-1-896300-40-5 | 1999 September | 112 Pages


It is the summer of 1935, while young Doug Sayers is spending the summer going to movies and sneaking cigarettes and his friend Babe Roothe is discovering women, William Aberhart and the Social Credit Party are promising twenty-five dollars a month for everyone in Alberta.

Babe’s mysterious death is the first in a chain of bizarre events, freak thunderstorms, and political intrigue. Through the memories of an adult Doug—a veteran of both the Great Depression and World War II—working from Bruce Allen Powe's celebrated novel, Conni Massing meshes fact with fiction.

“Based on Bruce Allen Powe's 1984 novel [of the same name], Massing's marvelous play is at once a gripping Alberta history lesson, a sweetly nostalgic comedy and a cracking-good-murder-mystery. all rolled up into one big, bright ball of theatrical energy and verve ...”
~ Calgary Herald

“At its best, Aberhart Summer is a vivid and unsentimental depiction of small-town Canadian life in the 1930s, and the effect is hauntingly familiar and oddly foreign at the same time.... It was the hit of the [Pan-Canadian playRites '99] festival.”
~ American Theatre