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978-1-897126-10-3 | 2006 April | 104 Pages


The Alberta government is looking to the private sector—and in particular to private health insurance—to solve health care problems. However, private health insurance is mired in myth and misunderstanding. The Bottom Line summarizes a huge body of evidence to get to the truth: private health care is more expensive and actually reduces access to health care

Evidence reveals that a manufactured cost crisis is driving the push for more private health insurance. This book examines the implications of the recent Supreme Court Chaoulli decision in Quebec, and offers vignettes of live before medicare. The Bottom Line concludes that the Alberta Conservative government is needlessly perusing and US-style health system.

In this highly readable and well-researched book, Diana Gibson and Colleen Fuller, get to the real story behing private health insurance and offer viable solutions for strengthening Canada’s public health system from within.

“You need to know what you are going to lose. Read this book and join the fight to stop the Americanization of Canada’s healthcare system before it is too late.”
~ Shirley Douglas, daughter of Tommy Douglas

“This important and easy-to-read book deftly exposes the myths about the benefits of private healthcare.”
~ Linda McQuaig

“Private health insurance is being spun as new cloth...The Bottom Line makes it clear that it is actually very old cloth with lots of holes which Canadians threw out for good reason a long time ago.”
~ Gillian Steward, author of Clear Answers