• The Collected Works of Pat Lowther

The Collected Works of Pat Lowther

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978-1-897126-61-5 | 2010 April | 336 Pages


With one of the most distinctive and ambitious voices of Canada's growing literary scene of the 1970s, Pat Lowther has inspired ongoing and critical discussions and debates. To date, these have taken place in the absence of a definitive text of her accomplished body of work. The Collected Works of Pat Lowther presents, for the first time, a comprehensive and chronologically accurate collection of Lowther’s published and unpublished poetry. This collected works edition provides a valuable new resource for all readers of Canadian poetry.

“Wiesenthal's collection brings us [Lowther's] voice in its various forms; first in 28 poems that predate her initial publication, then in the poems from her three books and in a multimedia script the editor pieced together, and finally, in 160 pages of late, unpublished work. For this comprehensive selection, the publisher, NeWest Press, and the editor should be commended."
~ Lorna Crozier, The Globe and Mail

“Opening The Collected Works of Pat Lowther is like opening a message from a previous era when poetry mattered. These are poems that in their telling—rich with imagery, sensuality, passion, a need for a better world—do not feel they must hide behind irony, or ‘troubling’ or ‘interrogating’ language, or any of the other cowardly ways of writing. The Collected Works reveals a poet who loved—fiercely, proudly—the female body, the male body, natural and human history, cosmology, the night sky. These poems pulse with a magic that makes the world vivid.”
~ Tom Wayman

“Pat Lowther’s poetry dazzles with its open-eyed clarity, formal precision, and larger-than-life vision. Bravo to Christine Wiesenthal and NeWest Press for bringing this important Canadian poet’s tragically interrupted yet astonishingly ample oeuvre back into circulation so we may celebrate its riches.”
~ Di Brandt