• The Darkening Archipelago

The Darkening Archipelago


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978-1-897126-63-9 | 2010 April | 336 Pages


After evading death while trying to save Alberta’s breathtaking Cardinal Divide from the threat of coal mining, Cole Blackwater learns that his good friend and former client Archie Ravenwing is presumed dead in the shadowy depths of British Columbia’s Broughton Archipelago. Days before his disappearance, Ravenwing was on the brink of unravelling a corporate conspiracy surrounding an outbreak of sea lice that could decimate the wild salmon population along the BC coastline.

While Cole and newspaper reporter Nancy Webber search for answers, Cole is haunted by the dark secret surrounding his own father’s mysterious death. For Nancy, whose complicated feelings for Cole have resurfaced, getting to the bottom of Cole’s family history becomes both a professional and personal obsession.

Following Cole Blackwater's illustrious debut as a reluctant environmental investigator in The Cardinal Divide, this second installment offers a gripping continuation of Legault's mystery series. The Darkening Archipelago sweeps us along on a race to salvage human souls and wild ecosystems.

“Raymond Chandler gave us Philip Marlowe, a world-weary investigator who solved murders with a quip and an eye for detail. Stephen Legault gives us Cole Blackwater, a hardboiled environmental investigator with a dark past and a fast right hook.... Like Chandler, Legault tells a story that is fast-paced and rich, revealing just enough to keep our eye following the ball under the cup.”
~ Mayana C. Slobodian, Monday Magazine

“An exciting read.... His stories reveal true human conflict and emotion, and portray characters with varied opinions about current issues, such as how a town with no economy might look at salmon farming as an opportunity. Legault has no shortage of characters or ideas.”
~ Steve Carey, Victoria Times-Colonist