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978-1-77439-059-7 | 2022 September | 316 Pages


Spilt blood whets the appetite of a ravine at the heart of Haddington Springs, a bedroom community with a closet full of bones.

It’s 1997, and Robin and his two best friends, Steph and Dylan, are ready to dive into their first summer as teenagers. But when Catherine, a classmate’s younger sister, disappears, Robin finds his carefree life of mall arcades, soccer, and slasher movies swapped out for one of paranoia, guilt, and confusion. While parents form search parties and police chase vaporous leads, Robin becomes convinced that there is a darker element at play, one that he might have accidentally set loose. All the while, he is trying to figure out his changing relationships, growing closer to Steph as his friendship with Dylan is increasingly marred by mercurial moods and secrets. Delving into the most awkward and bewildering time of adolescence, Niall Howell’s There Are Wolves Here Too blends coming of age with noir and horror elements as we move with Robin through the difficulties of learning who to trust and when to trust yourself.

“There Are Wolves Here Too delivers a powerful story about small towns and dark secrets. Howell is a writer to watch.” 
— Sam Wiebe, award-winning author of Hell and Gone

“Niall Howell gets everything right in this swift, riveting coming-of-age noir: the complications of nostalgia with all its beauty and regret, the intense, romantic disorientation of adolescence. There Are Wolves Here Too draws us into its vividly realized suburban world before extracting its darkness with masterfully restrained technique. The characters live and breathe. The plot is meticulously rhythmed. The dialogue is fresh and real. Filled with haunting sadness, sharp humour, and somber wisdom, this novel is a stunning achievement.”
— Mike Thorn, author of Shelter for the Damned

“With his follow up to his stellar debut novel, Only Pretty Damned, Niall Howell not only serves up yet another dazzling showcase of riveting drama told underneath a lingering cloud of criminality, but he also distinguishes himself as one of the finest fiction writers currently working in Canada. There Are Wolves Here Too is a mesmerizing coming-of-age masterpiece.”
— A.J. Devlin, award-winning author of the “Hammerhead” Jed mystery-comedy series

“Niall Howell is fast becoming one of Noir’s masters of subversive voice. Robin, the narrator of this lean and bleak bildungsroman, is as complex and morally compromised a character as you’ll find in crime fiction. But he’s a kid. And that’s what makes this novel so unique. All the signatures of Teen Comedy are here—the hot mom, the class bully, the tested friendship, the budding romance—but put in service of something much richer, and deeper, and darker: a Young Adult novel that is definitely not for young adults.”
— Randy Nikkel Schroeder, author of Arctic Smoke

“Howell is an incredible storyteller with characters who, though young, drive this story forward with intensity”
— Jaaron Collins, Worn Pages and Ink (full review

“[There Are Wolves Here Toogives the reader a sense of participation that makes it all the more thrilling, and there’s this easy familiarity that makes it feel personal. It’s not often a reader gets to experience nostalgia for something that never happened to them.” 
— Melissa Khan, Cloud Lake Literary (full review)

“Some serious talent emanated from the pages.”
— Stacey Assu, The Lioness of Literacy Blog

“[a]n intriguing take on small-town secrets that begins as a missing-person puzzle and develops into a tale of ambiguous morality dished up with a side of menace.”
— Gerilee McBride, subTerrain

"a harmonious blend of coming-of-age elements and noir ... anchored in the beauty and the pain of growing up."
— Kendall Bistretsan, FreeFall Magazine