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978-1-896300-93-1 | 2005 September | 304 Pages


Anna Gareau has a secret. Unwanted visions of strangers' lives haunt her whens he touches certain objects. What she wants most is a normal life but Anna is far from normal. Travelling through Victoria, BC, Anna gets an unwelcome glimpse into a murderer's mind. She meets Collette Kostyna and senses Collette may be the next victim. Caught between her desire for self-preservation and her knowledge that she may be the only one who can expose the killer and save Collette, Anna is drawn deeper into a dark and gruesome world. Should Anna use her visions to solve the case, or should she keep her hands in her pockets?

“Froese charms and alarms in equal measures. Dare we hope to see Anna and Colette team up again?”
~ Tim Wynne-Jones, author of Some of the Kinder Planets

“Excuse me, Ma’am … you can’t go in there.”

Security. Of course there’d be security. Can’t have just anyone wandering into a crime scene.

Anna’s first impulse was to show the security guard her very best smile. A fine idea, considering that she’d left her best smile upstairs with her toothbrush and make-up. She had no feminine charms this early in the morning. Good thing she was freakishly tall.

“I’m with the police,” she told him, standing close enough that he had to crane his neck to meet her eyes. Close enough to notice she hadn’t showered, but what the hell, her state of disarray went to support her story. “I’ve been called in as a consultant. Can you believe they called me at six thirty in the morning? Excuse me.”

A tight smile, a quick shove, and he was easily moved aside.

She wasn’t going to run to her purse. She wasn’t even going to look to see if it was still there. She was a police consultant, very interested in what was going on at the deep end of the pool.

It wasn’t interesting. The body was gone and you couldn’t put a chalk outline on water, so it wasn’t even possible to see where it had been. Not that she wanted to see that. She wasn’t morbid.

Her hands pushed at her pockets until the seams began to tear.