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978-1-897126-27-1 | 2008 May | 368 Pages


When a series of murders threatens the lives of an entire community in Vancouver, RCMP Corporal Paul Blakemore and Inspector Coswell team up once again to solve the case. What begins as an array of hate crimes suddenly culminates into a conspiracy against an American politician, and the lines between Canada and the United States become blurred as suspicions rise from both sides. To solve this case, both detectives must look beyond the powers of one culprit and instead focus on the ventures of an entire underground organization, all while protecting members of their own city.

An intense thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end, West End Murders is a great bedside read that threatens to keep you up well into the night.

The park had become risky for a lone runner. The recent murders made that all too clear.

He tried to throw off the negative thoughts that had crept into his head and blunted his runner’s high, but the deaths were too close to him; he’d known the four victims well.

Two of the men, Jason and Dwayne, preferred to train off the beaten track and used the park’s forest trails, a mistake in Bruce’s opinion. The seawall, in contrast, was exposed and usually crowded with walkers, cyclists, runners, rollerbladers, dog-walkers, and the like. So what if one had to do two or three laps on pavement to get in the miles? At least it was safe. He was convinced that muggers were responsible for both Jason and Dwayne’s deaths, despite the police refusing to give out much in the way of details.

Roger and Frank’s murders were more disturbing: killed in their own apartment. Word leaked to a Star reporter that it was “an execution-type slaying,” both victims shot in the back of the head. Bruce could think of no reason the two would be “executed.” That was gangland stuff. Roger and Frank ran a flower shop and he just knew they weren’t into drugs or anything like that. It made no sense.

West End Murders is on my 2008 must-read list for a strong reason: its potential to become an enduring Canadian series.”
~ Don Graves, Hamilton Spectator

“Roy Innes has created characters that are alive, likable, and flawed—and I grew to care very much for them. Bravo!”
~ Louise Penny

“Plot, characterization, and action are major components of this well-written mystery, but Roy Innes manages to infuse his book with something else that is hard to define. A great read indeed!”
~ The Midwest Book Review