• Book cover: Where We Live. A Novel by Karen Hofmann Cover: A light green cover with the abstract shadows of a tree canopy falling across it. The letters of the title are teal and the o’s in “novel” and “Hofmann” have been replaced by colourful yet simplistic drawings of doors. Cover Blurb: A fine and richly textured work of art, a story both brilliant and wise. Catherine Hunter, author of After Light and St. Boniface Elegies.

Where We Live


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978-177439-088-7 | 2024 March | 352 Pages


The third and final novel in the Lund sibling series, Where We Live continues the story of four Vancouverites, separated in childhood, reunited and now middle-aged, as they navigate urban life, work, relationships, and parenting in the late 2010s. With their familial bond shaped by their divergent adult experiences as well as their shared early childhood in a rural West Coast community, the lives of these siblings cross, separate, and rejoin yet again, in paths informed by nature and by nurture. Subject to the pressures of their environment and remembered or forgotten family history each sibling struggles to realize their aspirations in their search for a true home.

    “Approaching middle age, Cleo, Mandalay, and Cliff go through a year of unsettling changes to their careers, families, homes, and hearts. As they each discover the future is not what they expected, they must re-imagine who they are and where they want to be. In deft, clear prose, author Karen Hofmann unveils the simple, miraculous transformations that are always at work, though seldom noticed, in everyday life. Where We Live is a fine and richly textured work of art, a story both brilliant and wise.”
    — Catherine Hunter, author of After Light and St. Boniface Elegies

    “With keen insight that is often astonishing, Karen Hofmann describes the fragility of human connections, with all their beauty and their pain. She adopts a clear-eyed, even unflinching focus while still managing to convey enormous empathy for her characters, despite—or perhaps because of—their flaws. The Lund siblings are very real, very human, and completely unforgettable. At the end of the book, I experienced the satisfaction of having come to know and care for these individuals and the regret in having to say goodbye.”
    — Margie Taylor, author of Rose Addams and Harrow Road

    “Home is the resonant concept at the heart of this trilogy about the Lund siblings. Hofmann details their widely varied personal and professional lives with intelligence and compassion. As always, her writing is informed by an insightful ethos of socioeconomic and environmental sustainability. Where We Live is an absorbing and immensely satisfying finale.”
    — Alice Zorn, author of Five Roses and Arrhythmia

    Where We Live is a deeply gratifying conclusion to the Lund family saga. Karen Hofmann is at her very best; her prose moves with remarkable grace, illuminating the complex inner lives of her characters, who reflect back to us profound truths about aging, parenthood, grief, betrayal, and desire. While each of the characters ultimately finds their own sense of home, they also come away transformed, on the precipice of something new and full of possibility. You’ll leave this novel bursting with hope.”
    — Corinna Chong, author of The Whole Animal and Belinda's Rings